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How Old Is the Comic Strip Little Orphan Annie?

Little Orphan Annie is a popular comic strip that has been entertaining readers for decades. Created by Harold Gray, this beloved character has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world.

But just how old is Little Orphan Annie? Let’s take a closer look at the history of this iconic comic strip.

The Birth of Little Orphan Annie

Little Orphan Annie made her first appearance in the New York Daily News on August 5, 1924. The comic strip was created by Harold Gray, who was inspired by a poem called “Little Orphant Annie” by James Whitcomb Riley. The poem tells the story of a young girl who goes to live with her uncle after her parents die.

The Early Years

In the early years, Little Orphan Annie was a relatively simple comic strip with black and white illustrations. The story followed the adventures of Annie as she traveled around the country, getting into all sorts of mischief along the way. She was often accompanied by her trusty dog Sandy and her benefactor Daddy Warbucks.

The Depression Years

During the Great Depression, Little Orphan Annie became a symbol of hope for many Americans. The comic strip continued to follow Annie’s adventures, but it also began to tackle more serious topics such as poverty and social injustice. Daddy Warbucks became a millionaire philanthropist who used his wealth to help those in need.

The War Years

During World War II, Little Orphan Annie became an important part of the war effort. The comic strip encouraged readers to buy war bonds and support the troops overseas. Daddy Warbucks even became an unofficial ambassador for the United States government, traveling around the world on diplomatic missions.

The Modern Era

In 1979, Little Orphan Annie underwent a major transformation when it was turned into a Broadway musical. The show was a huge success and ran for over six years. The comic strip continued to be published until 2010, when it was cancelled due to declining readership.

The Legacy of Little Orphan Annie

Despite its cancellation, Little Orphan Annie remains an important part of American culture. The character has inspired numerous adaptations, including movies, television shows, and stage productions. Her plucky spirit and determination continue to inspire new generations of fans.


So how old is Little Orphan Annie? As of 2021, the character is 97 years old!

Over the years, she has become an icon of American pop culture and a symbol of hope for millions of people around the world. Whether you’re a longtime fan or discovering her for the first time, Little Orphan Annie is a beloved character that will continue to capture our hearts and imaginations for years to come.