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How Was Batman Infected With Joker Blood?

Batman is one of the most popular fictional characters in the world of comics, movies, and TV series. He is known for his fighting skills, detective abilities, and gadgets.

However, in one of the most iconic storylines in Batman’s history, he was infected with Joker blood. This event had a profound impact on Batman’s character and the Batman universe as a whole.

What is Joker Blood?

Joker blood is a dangerous toxin that was created by the Joker himself. It was designed to turn its victims into murderous clowns like himself. The toxin causes its victims to experience extreme hallucinations and uncontrollable laughter before ultimately driving them insane.

Joker has used this toxin on many occasions to terrorize Gotham City and its citizens. However, it was during the storyline “Death of the Family” that Batman was infected with Joker blood.

How Did Batman Get Infected?

In “Death of the Family,” Joker kidnaps several of Batman’s allies including Robin, Batgirl, Red Hood, and others. He then proceeds to torture them in front of Batman while wearing his face as a mask.

Batman manages to save his allies but not before being exposed to Joker’s toxin. The toxin infects him through small cuts on his hand caused by broken glass during a fight with Joker earlier in the storyline.

What Happened After Batman Got Infected?

The effects of the toxin on Batman were severe. He begins to experience hallucinations and visions that cause him to question his own sanity. In one instance, he imagines himself killing all his allies in order to protect them from harm.

As he continues to struggle with the effects of the toxin, he begins to push away those closest to him including Alfred and Robin. This leads him down a dark path where he becomes more violent and unpredictable than ever before.

Eventually, Batman is able to overcome the effects of Joker’s toxin and track him down. In their final confrontation, Batman manages to defeat Joker but not before the clown prince of crime reveals a shocking secret about their relationship.


The storyline “Death of the Family” was a major turning point in Batman’s history. It showed us a side of Batman that we had never seen before – vulnerable, emotionally unstable, and dangerous. The fact that he was infected with Joker blood only added to the intensity of the storyline.

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