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In What Comic Strip Would You Find Siblings Chip Dot Ditto and Trixie?

If you are a fan of comic strips, you might have come across some quirky and interesting characters. One such comic strip that gained massive popularity is “Hi and Lois.”

The comic strip features the daily life and adventures of a suburban family, the Flagstons. But, amongst all the characters, the siblings Chip, Dot, Ditto, and Trixie stand out.

The Four Siblings:

The comic strip “Hi and Lois” was created by Mort Walker and Dik Browne in 1954. The story revolves around the Flagston family, which includes Hi (the father), Lois (the mother), Chip (the eldest son), Dot (the elder daughter), Ditto (the younger son), and Trixie (the youngest daughter). Out of these six members, the four siblings are often seen getting into hilarious situations.


Chip is the eldest son of Hi and Lois. He is shown as a typical teenage boy who loves playing sports and going out with his friends.

He is also quite popular among girls in his school. In the comic strip, Chip’s character is often used to bring humor to mundane situations.


Dot is the elder daughter of Hi and Lois. She is portrayed as a young girl who loves fashion and shopping.

In many episodes of “Hi and Lois,” Dot can be seen trying out new dresses or accessories. Her character brings a feminine touch to the comic strip.


Ditto is the younger son of Hi and Lois. He is shown as an innocent child who often gets into trouble because of his curiosity. Ditto’s character brings a sense of naivety to “Hi and Lois.”


Trixie is the youngest daughter of Hi and Lois. She is portrayed as an adorable toddler who loves playing with toys and animals. Trixie’s character brings a sense of innocence and cuteness to the comic strip.

The Popularity of Hi and Lois:

“Hi and Lois” gained massive popularity because of its relatable characters and humorous situations. The comic strip has been translated into various languages and is enjoyed by people all around the world. The four siblings, Chip, Dot, Ditto, and Trixie, have become household names amongst comic strip enthusiasts.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, the four siblings Chip, Dot, Ditto, and Trixie are an integral part of the “Hi and Lois” comic strip. Their unique personalities bring humor and excitement to the story.

If you haven’t read “Hi and Lois” yet, then you are missing out on some entertaining content. So pick up a copy of this classic comic strip today!

  • Chip: The eldest son who loves playing sports
  • Dot: The elder daughter who loves fashion
  • Ditto: The younger son who is curious
  • Trixie: The youngest daughter who is adorable