Batman / Batman Joker

Is Batman Against Joker?

When it comes to the iconic Batman and his arch-nemesis, the Joker, the question of whether Batman is against him is a complex one. Batman and the Joker have a long and complicated history, with the Joker being one of Batman’s most notorious villains.

The Conflict between Batman and Joker

The conflict between Batman and Joker is rooted in their fundamental differences in philosophy and approach. While Batman represents order, justice, and the rule of law, the Joker embodies chaos, anarchy, and destruction.

Their First Encounter

Their first encounter took place in “Batman #1” back in 1940 when the Joker was introduced as a character. In this issue, the Joker planned to poison Gotham City’s water supply. However, he was stopped by Batman.

Batman’s Viewpoint

Batman sees himself as a protector of Gotham City against criminals like the Joker who disrupt peace and order. He believes that justice must be served for any crime committed within his city.

Joker’s Viewpoint

The Joker sees himself as an agent of chaos whose sole purpose is to disrupt order and push people towards their darkest impulses. He believes that life has no meaning or purpose and that everyone should embrace chaos.

Their Relationship

While it may seem that Batman is unequivocally against the Joker due to their opposing viewpoints, their relationship is far more complicated than that. Despite their opposing philosophies, there are moments where they have worked together towards a common goal.

Shared History

Batman feels responsible for creating the villainous persona of the Joker due to his failure to save him from falling into a vat of chemicals during their first encounter. This sense of responsibility has led Batman to feel conflicted about his relationship with the Joker over time.

Occasional Collaboration

Although they have a history of trying to kill each other, there have been instances where they have worked together to stop a common enemy. For example, in “The Dark Knight Returns,” Batman and the Joker team up to stop a gang of criminals.

Endless Cycle

Despite their occasional collaborations, the conflict between Batman and the Joker is an endless cycle. The Joker keeps threatening Gotham City, forcing Batman to take action against him.


In conclusion, while Batman is primarily against the Joker due to their opposing philosophies and actions, their relationship is far more complex than that. There are moments where they’ve worked together towards a common goal, but ultimately their fundamental differences will always lead them back into conflict.