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Is Batman Noel Connected to Joker?

Batman Noel is an iconic graphic novel that has captured the hearts of Batman fans worldwide. Written and illustrated by Lee Bermejo, the story follows Batman as he embarks on a journey to find the true meaning of Christmas.

But one question that remains unanswered is whether or not Batman Noel is connected to Joker. Let’s explore this topic further.

The Plot of Batman Noel

In Batman Noel, we see a darker and grittier version of Gotham City. The story takes place on Christmas Eve, where Batman encounters three spirits – Past, Present, and Future – who take him on a journey to show him the true meaning of Christmas. Along the way, he crosses paths with some familiar faces, including Catwoman and Jim Gordon.

Is Joker Involved in the Story?

The short answer is no, Joker does not make an appearance in Batman Noel. While there are references to other villains such as The Penguin and Two-Face, Joker is nowhere to be seen.

But Wait!

While Joker may not physically appear in the story, there are several subtle hints that suggest he is still present in Gotham City. For instance, in one scene where Batman visits Arkham Asylum, we see a glimpse of The Joker’s cell with his trademark grin painted on the wall.

Additionally, there are several similarities between The Joker and one of the characters in Batman Noel – Bobo. Bobo is a clown who works for The Penguin and wears makeup that resembles The Joker’s iconic look. While this may just be a coincidence, it adds an interesting layer to the story.

The Author’s Take

When asked about the connection between Batman Noel and Joker, Lee Bermejo stated that he intentionally left out The Joker from the story because he wanted it to focus solely on Batman’s journey. However, he also acknowledged that there are references to The Joker throughout the story, and that it was a conscious decision to include them.


In conclusion, while Joker may not physically appear in Batman Noel, there are several hints throughout the story that suggest he is still present in Gotham City. Whether or not this was intentional on the part of the author is up for debate, but it adds an interesting layer to an already captivating tale. Regardless of whether or not you’re a fan of The Joker, Batman Noel is definitely worth a read for anyone who loves a good Batman story.