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Is Bishop in Any Marvel Movies?

Are you a Marvel fan? Do you know everything there is to know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe? If so, you might be wondering if Bishop, one of the most popular X-Men characters, has made an appearance in any of the Marvel movies.

Well, the answer is yes and no. Let’s dive deeper into this topic.

Who is Bishop?

Before we answer the question of whether Bishop has appeared in any Marvel movies, let’s first discuss who he is. Bishop is a mutant from an alternate future timeline in which the X-Men failed to stop a mutant massacre that resulted in most mutants being wiped out. He has the ability to absorb and release energy, making him a formidable opponent.

Bishop’s Comic Book Appearances

Bishop first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #282 in 1991 and quickly became a fan favorite. He went on to appear in various X-Men comic book series including Cable, X-Force, and his own solo series, Bishop: The Last X-Man.

Bishop’s TV and Movie Appearances

Now let’s get to the question at hand – has Bishop appeared in any Marvel movies or TV shows? The answer is yes and no.

Bishop has not yet made an appearance in any of the live-action Marvel movies or TV shows. However, he has appeared in several animated series including X-Men: The Animated Series, Wolverine and the X-Men, and Avengers Assemble.

X-Men: The Animated Series

Bishop made his animated debut in season 1 episode 11 of X-Men: The Animated Series titled “Days of Future Past Part 1.” This episode was based on the comic book storyline of the same name which features Bishop as a key character.

Wolverine and the X-Men

Bishop also appeared in Wolverine and the X-Men which aired from 2008-2009. He was a recurring character throughout the series and played a pivotal role in the show’s storyline.

Avengers Assemble

Finally, Bishop made a brief appearance in season 2 episode 10 of Avengers Assemble titled “Back to the Learning Hall.” This episode featured a time-traveling adventure with Bishop as one of the guest characters.


So there you have it – Bishop has not yet appeared in any live-action Marvel movies or TV shows, but he has made several appearances in animated series. With Marvel’s ever-expanding cinematic universe, it’s possible that we may see Bishop make his live-action debut sometime in the future. Until then, we can enjoy his appearances in the comic books and animated series.