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Is It Two-Face at the End of the Batman Movie?

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After watching the ending of The Dark Knight, many fans have debated whether it was Two-Face or his alter ego, Harvey Dent, who died in the aftermath of the climactic confrontation with Batman and the Joker. Some argue that the ambiguity was intentional and fits with the movie’s themes of moral complexity and sacrifice.

Others contend that there are clues that suggest one interpretation over the other. Let’s examine both sides of this intriguing question.

The case for Two-Face

One reason to believe that the scarred and vengeful Two-Face is the one who perished is his last words to Gordon before flipping his coin to decide whether to shoot him or not. Two-Face says: “The Joker chose me because you were too much of a coward to do it yourself!”

This implies that he blames Gordon for not stopping him from becoming Two-Face, and wants to punish him for it. If Harvey Dent were speaking, he would not have this motive.

Another piece of evidence is the shot that follows Two-Face’s fall from a building into a construction site. The camera shows Batman carrying away Gordon’s son, who was kidnapped by Two-Face earlier, while sirens wail in the background.

Then there is a cut to a close-up of Batman looking down at something off-screen, with an expression of sadness or resignation. While we don’t see what he sees, some viewers speculate that it must be Harvey’s corpse, as he was lying closer to Batman than Two-Face was.

The case for Harvey Dent

On the other hand, some viewers argue that it makes more sense for Harvey Dent to be dead because his story arc has reached its climax and resolution. Throughout The Dark Knight, we see how Dent transforms from an idealistic district attorney who wants to rid Gotham of crime and corruption into a traumatized victim of chance and choice.

When the Joker kills Rachel Dawes, Dent’s fiancĂ©e and love interest, he loses his faith in justice and becomes a vigilante who terrorizes criminals with his coin toss. This culminates in his confrontation with Gordon and Batman on the rooftop of a hospital, where he blames them for ruining his life and threatens to kill them unless they join him in “taking responsibility” for their actions. However, Batman manages to subdue him by tackling him off the building, leading to his fall that disfigures half of his face.

By having Dent die at the end, the movie reinforces its message that heroism requires sacrifice and sometimes deception. Batman decides to take the blame for Two-Face’s crimes in order to preserve Dent’s legacy as a symbol of hope for Gotham, even though this means tarnishing his own reputation and becoming an outlaw.

Moreover, Dent’s death shows how fragile morality can be in a world that is full of chaos and evil. Harvey was not immune to corruption or temptation, but he chose to fight them until the end.

The verdict

In conclusion, while it’s open to interpretation whether it was Two-Face or Harvey Dent who died in The Dark Knight, it ultimately doesn’t matter from a thematic standpoint. Both characters serve as foils and mirrors for Batman, highlighting different facets of his personality and mission.

Both are tragic figures who represent the dangers of extremism and compromise. And both leave behind legacies that inspire others to carry on their work or learn from their mistakes.

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