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Is JoJo Siwa in the Batman Lego Movie?

If you’re a fan of JoJo Siwa and Batman, you might be wondering if the bubbly YouTuber has a role in the 2017 animated film, “The Lego Batman Movie”. The answer is yes! JoJo Siwa makes a brief cameo in the movie.

Who is JoJo Siwa?

Joelle Joanie Siwa, better known as JoJo Siwa, is an American singer, dancer, and YouTube personality. She rose to fame after appearing on the reality show “Dance Moms” and has since amassed a huge following of young fans who adore her colorful outfits, big bows, and positive messages.

What is “The Lego Batman Movie”?

“The Lego Batman Movie” is a spin-off of the 2014 film “The Lego Movie” and follows the adventures of Batman as he tries to save Gotham City from various villains. The movie features an all-star voice cast including Will Arnett as Batman, Michael Cera as Robin, and Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon.

Where does JoJo Siwa appear in the movie?

In one scene of “The Lego Batman Movie”, Batman attends a party at Wayne Manor where several celebrities are in attendance. Among them are various DC Comics characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman, as well as real-life personalities like Mariah Carey and Rick Astley. In this scene, JoJo Siwa can be spotted wearing her trademark bow alongside other famous faces.


While her appearance in “The Lego Batman Movie” may be brief, it’s still exciting for fans of JoJo Siwa to see her on the big screen alongside their favorite superhero. With her infectious energy and positive attitude, it’s no wonder she’s become such a beloved figure among young audiences. So next time you watch “The Lego Batman Movie”, keep your eyes peeled for JoJo Siwa’s cameo!

  • Key Takeaways:
    • JoJo Siwa is a popular singer, dancer, and YouTube personality
    • “The Lego Batman Movie” is a 2017 animated film featuring the adventures of Batman
    • JoJo Siwa makes a cameo appearance at a party scene in the movie