Batman / Batman Joker

Is the Batman Who Laughs Joker or Batman?

The Batman Who Laughs is a character that has caused quite a stir among comic book fans. He first appeared in the Dark Nights: Metal storyline and is an alternate universe version of Batman who has been infected with the Joker’s toxin. This raises the question – is he Joker or Batman?

Origins of The Batman Who Laughs

The Batman Who Laughs was created by Scott Snyder, Greg Capullo, and Jonathan Glapion as part of the Dark Nights: Metal storyline. In this story, Bruce Wayne discovers that there are multiple universes in existence and that each one has its own version of Batman.

In one of these universes, Bruce Wayne was exposed to the Joker’s toxin and became a twisted version of himself. He retained his intelligence and physical abilities but also gained the Joker’s madness and unpredictability.


The appearance of The Batman Who Laughs is a cross between Batman and Joker. He wears a black suit similar to Batman’s but with spikes on his shoulders, a belt with a bat symbol buckle, and a red bat symbol on his chest.

His face is where things get interesting. He wears a metal helmet that resembles the cowl of Batman but with added elements from Joker such as sharp teeth, pale skin, and dark circles around his eyes.


The personality of The Batman Who Laughs is an amalgamation of both Batman and Joker. He retains Batman’s intelligence and strategic thinking but also has the unpredictability and sadistic nature of Joker.

He enjoys causing chaos and destruction while also having an obsession with Bruce Wayne/Batman. This makes him a formidable foe for anyone who crosses his path.


So, is The Batman Who Laughs Joker or Batman? The answer – he is both. He may have started out as Bruce Wayne/Batman but the Joker’s toxin has turned him into a twisted version of himself with elements of both characters.

The Batman Who Laughs is a fascinating character that has captured the attention of many comic book fans. His appearance, personality, and origins make him stand out from other alternate universe versions of Batman.

Whether you love or hate The Batman Who Laughs, there’s no denying that he adds an interesting dynamic to the Batman mythos.