Batman / Batman Joker

Is the Joker on Batman?

The question of whether the Joker is truly on Batman is one that has been debated for years among fans of the iconic DC Comics characters. While some argue that the Joker is simply a chaotic villain who enjoys causing destruction and chaos, others believe that there is a deeper connection between the two characters.

One of the most compelling arguments for the Joker being on Batman is the fact that their relationship is so intertwined. The Joker has long been established as Batman’s arch-nemesis, and their battles are some of the most iconic in all of comic book history. But beyond just being enemies, there is a sense that they are almost two sides of the same coin – with Batman representing order and justice, while the Joker represents chaos and anarchy.

This idea is reinforced by several key moments in their shared history. For example, in Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel “The Killing Joke,” it is revealed that before he became the Joker, he was actually a failed comedian named Jack who was driven to madness after a series of tragic events. In this version of events, it can be argued that the Joker’s obsession with Batman stems from a desire to prove to himself (and to Batman) that he can be just as powerful and influential as his former hero.

Another piece of evidence for the idea that the Joker is on Batman comes from his behavior in many stories. While he may seem like an unpredictable force of nature at times, there are moments where it becomes clear that he has a very specific agenda when it comes to his relationship with Batman.

For example, in Grant Morrison’s “Batman R.I.P.” storyline, it is revealed that the Joker has been manipulating events behind the scenes in order to break Batman psychologically. This suggests not only a level of planning and forethought on his part but also a deep understanding of how Batman thinks and acts.

Of course, there are also plenty of counterarguments to this theory. Some fans argue that the Joker is simply a villain who enjoys causing chaos, and that any connection to Batman is purely coincidental. Others point out that the Joker’s behavior is often so erratic and unpredictable that it’s impossible to ascribe any kind of motive or plan to him.

Ultimately, whether the Joker is truly on Batman or not may never be fully resolved. But what is clear is that their relationship is one of the most fascinating and complex in all of comic book history, and it will continue to be analyzed and debated by fans for years to come.


In conclusion, while the debate over whether the Joker is truly on Batman may never be fully resolved, there are certainly compelling arguments on both sides. Whether you believe that there is a deeper connection between these two iconic characters or simply see them as enemies who are locked in an eternal struggle for Gotham’s soul, there’s no denying that their relationship has captivated audiences for decades. So whether you’re a die-hard fan or just someone who appreciates good storytelling, the ongoing saga of Batman and the Joker is definitely worth exploring further.