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Is the Lego Batman Movie All CGI?

If you’re a fan of Batman and Lego, then you’ve probably already seen the Lego Batman movie. But have you ever wondered if the entire movie was made using CGI? In this article, we’ll explore whether the Lego Batman movie was all CGI or not.

What is CGI?

Before we dive into the specifics of the Lego Batman movie, let’s first define what CGI is. CGI stands for computer-generated imagery, which refers to any visual content that is created using computer software. This can include everything from 3D models to animation and special effects.

The Lego Batman Movie

Now let’s get back to our main question – was the Lego Batman movie all CGI? The answer is no, it wasn’t. While the movie heavily features animation and computer-generated graphics, it also includes real-life footage of actors and sets.

How Was the Movie Made?

The production team behind the Lego Batman movie used a mix of different techniques to create its unique style. They combined stop-motion animation with computer-generated graphics to give the characters their distinct blocky look.

The stop-motion animation involved taking physical Lego blocks and figures and moving them slightly between each frame of filming. This technique creates a jerky movement that gives off a handmade feel.

However, not all scenes in the film were shot using stop-motion animation. Some action sequences required more fluid movements that were better suited to computer-generated graphics. These scenes were created using 3D models and animation software.

The Benefits of Mixing Techniques

By using a combination of techniques, the filmmakers were able to create a visually stunning film that appealed to both children and adults. The use of stop-motion animation gave the film a charming handmade feel while the computer-generated graphics allowed for more complex action sequences.


In conclusion, while much of the Lego Batman movie was created using CGI, it wasn’t all CGI. The production team used a mix of stop-motion animation and 3D modeling to create the film’s unique look and feel. This combination of techniques allowed the filmmakers to create a visually stunning movie that appealed to audiences of all ages.