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Is the Lego Batman Movie in the LEGO Movie Universe?

The Lego Batman Movie has been a popular topic of discussion among Lego fans since its release in 2017. One of the most frequently asked questions about this movie is whether it is part of the larger Lego Movie Universe. In this article, we will explore this question and try to provide an answer.

What is the Lego Movie Universe?

Before we dive into whether The Lego Batman Movie is part of the larger universe, let’s first understand what the Lego Movie Universe is. The Lego Movie Universe (LMU) is a shared fictional universe created by Warner Bros. in collaboration with The Lego Group. It includes all movies, TV shows, and other media that are based on or inspired by Legos.

Is The Lego Batman Movie part of LMU?

The short answer to this question is yes. The Lego Batman Movie takes place in the same universe as The Lego Movie (2014), which means it’s part of LMU. This was confirmed by the film’s director Chris McKay in an interview with Collider.

How is The Lego Batman Movie connected to LMU?

In The Lego Batman Movie, we see several references to events that took place in The Lego Movie. For example, during a scene where Batman and Robin are traveling through different dimensions, they briefly visit the world of Cloud Cuckoo Land from The Lego Movie.

Additionally, several characters from The Lego Movie make cameo appearances in The Lego Batman Movie, including Benny the Spaceman and Metalbeard.

What does this mean for future movies set in LMU?

The fact that The Lego Batman Movie is part of LMU means that future movies and TV shows set in this universe will likely continue to reference each other and include crossover characters.

For example, we already know that a sequel to The Lego Movie called The LEGO®️Movie 2: The Second Part was released in 2019. This movie features characters from the first movie as well as new characters.


In conclusion, The Lego Batman Movie is part of the larger Lego Movie Universe. This means that it takes place in the same fictional universe as The Lego Movie and other movies and TV shows set in this universe. We can expect to see more crossover events and references between different LMU media in the future, which should delight fans of these movies and Legos in general.