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Is the Riddler Hush in the New Batman Movie?

The upcoming Batman movie has got the fans of the Dark Knight excited with its intriguing trailer and an impressive cast. However, some rumors have been circulating around the internet that suggest that one of Batman’s most iconic villains, the Riddler, may also be a part of the movie. But not just any version of the Riddler; he might be portrayed as Hush, a character from the comics who poses as Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend.

Who is Hush?

Hush, also known as Thomas Elliot, is a master manipulator and strategist who possesses an intense hatred for Bruce Wayne. He was introduced in the comics in 2002 and has since become a fan-favorite villain for his complex storyline and connection to Batman’s past.

Is there any evidence to support this theory?

While there is no official confirmation from Warner Bros or the filmmakers regarding Hush’s involvement in the movie, some clues in the trailer have fueled this speculation. In one scene, we see a glimpse of someone wearing bandages over their face, which is reminiscent of Hush’s appearance after undergoing plastic surgery to look like Bruce Wayne.

Furthermore, actor Paul Dano’s casting as the Riddler has added more weight to this theory. Paul Dano is known for his ability to play complex characters with ease and has impressed audiences with his performances in movies like There Will Be Blood and Prisoners.

What can we expect from this version of Hush?

If this rumor turns out to be true, fans can expect an exciting take on both villains. The idea of Hush pretending to be Bruce Wayne while causing chaos in Gotham City would make for a thrilling plotline. It would also create an opportunity for Batman to confront his past mistakes and address unresolved issues.

Moreover, having two intelligent and strategic villains working together could pose a significant threat to Batman. It would require the Dark Knight to use all his skills and resources to defeat them, making for an intense and action-packed movie.


While the theory about the Riddler being portrayed as Hush in the new Batman movie is still just a rumor, it has the potential to be an exciting addition to the already impressive cast of characters. Fans will have to wait until the movie’s release to see if this theory turns out to be true or not. But until then, we can only hope that the filmmakers deliver a thrilling and engaging story that does justice to these iconic villains.