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Is There a Box Set of All Marvel Movies?

Are you a die-hard Marvel fan that wants to own all the movies in one convenient package? Well, the good news is that there is indeed a box set of all Marvel movies available!

However, it’s not as simple as just purchasing one box set and having every movie at your fingertips. Let’s dive deeper into the details.

What Is the Box Set?

The box set in question is called “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One – Avengers Assembled”. It was released in 2012 and includes all of the Phase One films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Which Movies Are Included?

The Phase One films included in this box set are:

  • Iron Man (2008)
  • The Incredible Hulk (2008)
  • Iron Man 2 (2010)
  • Thor (2011)
  • Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
  • The Avengers (2012)

What Extras Are Included?

In addition to these six movies, the box set also includes plenty of extra content. There’s a bonus disc with behind-the-scenes footage, featurettes, and deleted scenes. There’s also a replica of the Tesseract, which plays an important role in several of the included films.

Is It Still Available?

While this box set was once readily available for purchase, it has since been discontinued. This means that if you want to get your hands on it, you’ll need to look for secondhand copies. Be prepared to pay a premium price though – since it’s no longer being produced, prices have skyrocketed.

Are There Other Box Sets Available?

If you’re not able to find a copy of the Phase One box set, don’t worry – there are other options. There are box sets available that include all of the released Marvel Cinematic Universe films up to a certain point. For example, “Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase Two Collection” includes all of the Phase Two films:

  • Iron Man 3 (2013)
  • Thor: The Dark World (2013)
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
  • Ant-Man (2015)

The Verdict

While there isn’t a single box set that includes every Marvel Cinematic Universe film, there are still plenty of options available for collectors. Whether you’re looking for a specific phase or just want to own them all, there’s sure to be a box set out there for you. Just be prepared to do some hunting if you’re after the elusive Phase One collection!