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Is There a Comic Con in UK?

Are you a fan of comic books, science fiction, or pop culture? Do you live in the United Kingdom and wonder if there is a Comic Con event near you?

The answer is yes! There are several Comic Con events that happen in the UK every year.

What is Comic Con?

Comic Con is a convention that celebrates all things related to pop culture, including comic books, movies, TV shows, video games, and more. It’s an event where fans can come together to meet their favorite celebrities, buy merchandise, attend panels and workshops, and take part in various activities.

Is There a Comic Con in the UK?

Yes! There are several Comic Con events that happen in the UK throughout the year. Some of the most popular ones include:

MCM Comic Con

MCM Comic Con is one of the biggest comic conventions in the UK. It takes place in London twice a year (in May and October) and features a wide range of exhibits from comic book publishers, movie studios, TV networks, and video game developers. Fans can also meet celebrity guests and attend panels.

London Film & Comic Con

The London Film & Comic Con is another major event that takes place annually at Olympia London. It’s usually held over three days during July or August and features appearances by actors from popular TV shows and movies. Fans can also buy merchandise from various vendors or attend autograph sessions.

Birmingham Comics Festival

The Birmingham Comics Festival is a celebration of comics that takes place annually in Birmingham. It features workshops with comic creators, talks on various aspects of comics culture such as cosplay or animation as well as special guests from the world of comics.


If you’re a fan of pop culture, comic books or any other aspect related to it, there’s a Comic Con event in the UK that you can attend. From London to Birmingham, there are events that cater to fans of all kinds.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip to the next UK Comic Con event and get ready to have a blast!