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Is There an Indiana Jones Comic Book?

There is indeed an Indiana Jones comic book series! Created by Marvel Comics in the 1980s, it expanded upon the adventures of the iconic archaeologist and adventurer, Indiana Jones.

This thrilling comic book series allowed fans to continue their journey with Indy beyond the silver screen. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting addition to the Indiana Jones franchise.

The Marvel Indiana Jones Comic Book Series

Released in 1981, the Marvel Indiana Jones comic book series ran for a total of 34 issues. The stories were set in various time periods and locations, capturing the essence of Indiana Jones’ globetrotting escapades. The comics were written by a talented team of writers, including David Michelinie and Dan Mishkin, and featured artwork from the likes of Kerry Gammill and Ron Frenz.

The series perfectly captured Indy’s adventurous spirit, his wit, and his knack for getting into trouble. Whether he was battling Nazis or unraveling ancient mysteries, each issue delivered an action-packed experience that fans of the films could truly appreciate.

Key Storylines

Throughout its run, the Indiana Jones comic book series explored a wide range of exciting storylines. Here are some key highlights:

  • “The Further Adventures”: This multi-issue storyline delved into untold adventures that took place between Indy’s film outings. It expanded upon his character development and provided readers with thrilling new tales.
  • “Thunder in the Orient”: In this storyline, Indy finds himself embroiled in a deadly conflict between two rival factions seeking to control an ancient artifact with immense power.
  • “The Gold Goddess”: This tale sees Indy searching for a lost city deep within Africa’s jungles while facing dangerous adversaries who will stop at nothing to obtain the city’s priceless treasure.

Legacy and Continuation

While the Marvel Indiana Jones comic book series came to an end in 1984, it left a lasting impact on fans. The stories expanded the Indiana Jones universe, adding depth to the beloved character and providing countless hours of enjoyment for readers.

In recent years, other publishers have also released Indiana Jones comic books. Dark Horse Comics, for example, acquired the license to produce Indiana Jones comics in 1991 and continued publishing new series until 1999. These newer comic books have further expanded upon Indy’s adventures, offering fresh takes on the beloved character.


The Indiana Jones comic book series from Marvel Comics is a must-read for fans of the adventurous archaeologist. Its compelling storylines, combined with captivating artwork, make it a visual treat that brings Indy’s thrilling escapades to life on the pages. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to the franchise, diving into these comics will provide an exciting extension of the Indiana Jones experience.

So grab your fedora and whip and delve into this incredible series – you won’t be disappointed!