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Is Wanted a Comic Book?

Is Wanted a Comic Book?

Wanted is a highly popular graphic novel series written by Mark Millar and illustrated by J.G. Jones.

It was first published in 2003 under the comic book publisher Top Cow Productions. The series gained immense popularity and was later adapted into a feature film in 2008 starring James McAvoy and Angelina Jolie.

The Graphic Novel Format

Wanted falls into the category of graphic novels, which are essentially long-form comic books that tell a complete story. While some people may argue that Wanted is not a traditional comic book, it undoubtedly shares many similarities with the medium.

One of the main differences between traditional comic books and graphic novels is the length of the story. Comic books usually consist of shorter stories that are typically contained within one issue, while graphic novels have more extensive narratives that span multiple issues or volumes.

The Artistic Elements

Wanted incorporates various artistic elements commonly found in comic books. The illustrations by J.

Jones are visually stunning, capturing the action-packed sequences and creating memorable characters. The use of bold lines, vibrant colors, and dynamic panel layouts adds to the overall visual appeal of the series.

Emphasizing Text

The text in Wanted is often emphasized using different styling elements to enhance its impact on readers. For example, bold text is frequently used to highlight important dialogue or inner monologues of the characters.

In addition to bold text, underlined text is utilized sparingly to draw attention to specific words or phrases that hold significant meaning within the narrative.

List Formatting

List formatting is another technique employed in Wanted to organize information effectively:

  • The protagonist, Wesley Gibson, is introduced as a timid and unassuming office worker.
  • He discovers that he is the heir to a long line of super-villains.
  • Wesley learns about the existence of The Fraternity, a secret organization of supervillains.
  • He undergoes intense training to harness his latent abilities and become an assassin.

The Cinematic Adaptation

In 2008, Wanted was adapted into a feature film directed by Timur Bekmambetov. While the movie deviates from the source material in certain aspects, it retains the core elements that make Wanted an engaging story.

The film successfully captures the visual style and action-packed sequences from the graphic novel. It incorporates slow-motion shots, intense fight scenes, and stunning visual effects to bring the comic book pages to life on the big screen.

In conclusion, while Wanted may be classified as a graphic novel rather than a traditional comic book due to its length and narrative complexity, it undeniably shares many similarities with both mediums. The use of bold text, underlined text, lists, and visually appealing illustrations all contribute to making Wanted an engaging experience for readers and viewers alike.