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What Are Comic Strip Frames Called?

Have you ever wondered what the frames in a comic strip are called? These rectangular boxes that hold the action and dialogue of your favorite comics have a specific name. In this article, we will explore what these frames are called and their significance in the world of comics.

What are Comic Strip Frames?

Comic strip frames, also known as panels, are individual squares or rectangles that contain the artwork and text of a comic strip. They provide structure and organization to the story being told. Frames can be arranged in a variety of ways, creating different layouts that affect pacing, tone, and overall impact.

The Different Types of Comic Strip Frames

There are several types of comic strip frames that artists use to create their stories. Each type has its unique purpose and effect on storytelling.

  • Gutters – Gutters are the spaces between panels. They allow for a pause in the action or can indicate a change in time or location.
  • Full Bleed – Full bleed frames extend to the edge of the page, creating an immersive effect for readers.
  • Splash Pages – Splash pages are single-page illustrations that introduce a new scene or character.
  • Montages – Montages use multiple panels to show different actions simultaneously. They create a sense of movement and pace.
  • Silhouettes – Silhouettes use shadow instead of detail to create an emotional impact on readers.
  • Bleed-Throughs – Bleed-throughs use overlapping images to create depth and complexity within a single panel.

The Significance of Comic Strip Frames

Comic strip frames are essential to the storytelling process in comics. They provide structure and pacing, allowing for a clear and concise narrative. Frames also give artists the ability to create dynamic visuals that can enhance the emotional impact of their stories.

Frames can be used to control the flow of information, leading readers from one panel to the next and building tension or suspense along the way. They can also be used to convey mood or emotion through color, composition, and visual symbolism.


In conclusion, comic strip frames are an integral part of comic book storytelling. They provide structure, pacing, and visual interest to a story. Understanding the different types of frames and their significance can help readers appreciate the artistry and craft that goes into creating comics.