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What Artist Drew the Comic Strip Bloom County From 1980 to 1989?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, you might be familiar with Bloom County. This popular comic strip was first published in 1980 and ran until 1989. It was created by an American cartoonist named Berkeley Breathed.

The Beginning of Bloom County

Berkeley Breathed began creating Bloom County while he was still a student at the University of Texas at Austin. The comic strip was first published in The Daily Texan, the school’s student newspaper.

Bloom County quickly gained popularity and was eventually picked up by Universal Press Syndicate for national syndication. The comic strip featured a cast of eccentric characters, including Opus the Penguin, Bill the Cat, and Milo Bloom.

The Humor of Bloom County

Breathed’s sense of humor was a major part of what made Bloom County so successful. His writing often tackled political and social issues with a satirical edge, making fun of everything from politicians to pop culture icons.

The characters in the comic strip were also known for their unique personalities and quirks. Opus the Penguin was often portrayed as innocent and naive, while Bill the Cat usually spoke in unintelligible gibberish.

Awards and Recognition

Over the years, Berkeley Breathed received numerous awards for his work on Bloom County. In 1987, he won the Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.

The popularity of Bloom County also led to several spin-off projects, including a TV special called A Wish for Wings That Work and a series of children’s books featuring Opus the Penguin.

The End of Bloom County

In 1989, after nearly ten years of syndication, Berkeley Breathed decided to end Bloom County. The final strip featured all of the characters saying goodbye to readers as they walked off into the sunset.

Although many fans were disappointed by its end, Bloom County remains a beloved comic strip and a quintessential part of 1980s pop culture.


Berkeley Breathed’s Bloom County was one of the most popular and influential comic strips of the 1980s. With its unique characters, satirical humor, and political commentary, it captured the hearts of readers across the country. Today, it remains a testament to Breathed’s talent as a cartoonist and his ability to create engaging and memorable content.