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What Batman Game Does Joker Die?

When it comes to Batman games, one of the most iconic villains that has always been a part of the story is Joker. Fans of the caped crusader have been following his adventures for decades, both in comic books and on-screen adaptations.

With the rise of video games, Joker has made numerous appearances in various Batman games. However, one question that often arises among fans is – ‘What Batman game does Joker die?’

The answer to this question is quite complex as there are multiple Batman games where Joker appears and dies. To understand which game features Joker’s death, we need to delve into the history of Batman video games.

One of the earliest Batman games where Joker appeared was ‘Batman: The Video Game’ released in 1989 for NES and Sega Genesis. However, in this game, there was no storyline related to Joker’s death. Similarly, in other early Batman games such as ‘Batman Returns’ and ‘Batman Forever,’ Joker was only a minor character with no significant storyline.

It wasn’t until 2009 when Rocksteady Studios released ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum’ that we saw a proper storyline involving Joker’s death. In this game, we see that Joker has infected himself with Titan – a drug capable of enhancing physical abilities beyond human limits but with deadly side effects. As a result, he becomes more dangerous than ever before.

Throughout the game, we see how Batman tries to stop Joker from unleashing Titan on Gotham City while also trying to cure him of his addiction. In the climax of the game, after an intense battle between Batman and Joker, it is revealed that Titan has already taken its toll on him and he dies from its effects.

The death scene is quite emotional as we see how even though Batman and Joker have always been enemies; they share a deep connection with each other. The scene ends with Batman carrying Joker’s lifeless body out of Arkham Asylum.

After the success of ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum,’ Rocksteady Studios released two more games in the same series – ‘Batman: Arkham City’ and ‘Batman: Arkham Knight.’ In both these games, Joker appears as a character, but there is no storyline related to his death.

In conclusion, the answer to the question – ‘What Batman game does Joker die?’ is ‘Batman: Arkham Asylum.’

This game not only features an engaging storyline related to Joker’s death but also showcases how Batman and Joker share a complex relationship. If you haven’t played this game yet, it’s definitely worth checking out.