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What Batman Movie Did Val Kilmer Play Batman?

Val Kilmer played the role of Batman in the 1995 movie “Batman Forever”. This movie was directed by Joel Schumacher and was the third installment in the Batman film series.

The Plot

The story of “Batman Forever” revolves around the character of Batman, played by Val Kilmer, and his fight against two notorious villains – The Riddler and Two-Face. The Riddler is portrayed by Jim Carrey, while Two-Face is played by Tommy Lee Jones.

Kilmer’s Performance

Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Batman was well-received by both critics and audiences alike. His performance was praised for its intensity and brooding nature.

Kilmer’s take on the character of Batman was different from his predecessors, Michael Keaton and Adam West. He brought a more serious tone to the character, which was more in line with the comic book version of Batman.

The Suit

One of the highlights of “Batman Forever” was the new suit that Val Kilmer wore as Batman. The suit was designed to be more streamlined and athletic than the previous versions.

It featured a sculpted chest plate and a more muscular look overall. The suit also had a new utility belt that contained various gadgets that were used throughout the movie.

The Batmobile

Another iconic feature from “Batman Forever” was the Batmobile. The car had a sleeker design than previous versions and featured various gadgets such as grappling hooks, missiles, and shields.


Val Kilmer’s portrayal of Batman in “Batman Forever” is still remembered fondly by fans today. His intense performance brought a new level of seriousness to the character, while still maintaining his comic book roots. With its iconic suit design and sleek Batmobile, “Batman Forever” remains one of the most memorable movies in the Batman film series.