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What Batman Movie Plays Kiss From a Rose?

Are you a fan of Batman movies? If yes, then you must have heard the famous song “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal that was played in one of the Batman movies. But do you know which Batman movie it was?

The Answer: The song “Kiss From a Rose” by Seal was played in the movie “Batman Forever,” which was released in 1995.


“Batman Forever” is the third installment in the Batman series directed by Joel Schumacher. The movie featured several iconic characters such as Batman (played by Val Kilmer), Robin (played by Chris O’Donnell), and Two-Face (played by Tommy Lee Jones). The film also introduced a new character, Dr. Chase Meridian (played by Nicole Kidman).

Kiss From a Rose:

The song “Kiss From a Rose” was written and performed by Seal, an English singer, and songwriter. The song was released in 1994 as a single from Seal’s second eponymous album. It became an instant hit and won three Grammy Awards in 1996.

The song’s inclusion in “Batman Forever” helped it gain even more popularity. It was prominently featured in the film’s trailer and played during the end credits.


The use of “Kiss From a Rose” in “Batman Forever” had a significant impact on both the movie and the song. The film’s success helped to increase the popularity of Seal’s already hit song, making it one of his most recognizable tracks.

Moreover, the use of popular songs in movies has become a common practice since then. It has helped filmmakers to create memorable moments that stay with audiences long after they leave the theater.

  • Conclusion:

In conclusion, “Kiss From a Rose” is one of the most memorable songs from the ’90s, thanks to its inclusion in “Batman Forever.” The movie helped to boost the song’s popularity, and it has since become a classic that continues to resonate with audiences today.

If you haven’t seen “Batman Forever” yet, you should definitely check it out and enjoy the iconic song “Kiss From a Rose” in its original context.