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What Batman Movie Was Clayface In?

Batman is a beloved character that has been featured in countless movies over the years. One of his most popular foes is Clayface, a shape-shifting villain who has made appearances in several Batman films.

But which Batman movie was Clayface in? Let’s explore.

The Origins of Clayface

Clayface first appeared in Detective Comics #40 back in 1940. The original version of the character was an actor named Basil Karlo who went insane and turned to a life of crime. Over the years, different versions of Clayface have appeared in various Batman comics, each with their own unique backstory and abilities.

Clayface in Film

Clayface has made appearances in several Batman films over the years, but not always as a main antagonist. Here are some of the movies where you can spot him:

Batman: The Animated Series

Clayface made his first animated appearance in this popular series during its first season. In this version, he was originally a horror movie actor named Matt Hagen who was transformed into a shape-shifting monster after being exposed to an experimental cream.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

While not technically a movie, this video game features Clayface as one of its main villains. In this version, he is portrayed as a former actor named Basil Karlo who gains shape-shifting abilities after being injected with an experimental compound.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

While not explicitly named as “Clayface”, some fans speculate that the character played by Tom Hardy in this film (Bane) may have been inspired by the villain’s ability to change his appearance.


So there you have it – while Clayface hasn’t been featured as a main villain in any live-action Batman movies, he has made appearances in other forms of media. Whether you prefer the animated version or the video game iteration, there’s no denying that Clayface is one of Batman’s most interesting and versatile foes.