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What Batman Movie Was the Penguin In?

If you’re a fan of the Batman franchise, then you’re probably familiar with some of the iconic villains that have appeared in the movies over the years. One of those villains is the Penguin, a devious and cunning criminal mastermind who is known for his distinctive appearance and his love of birds.

But which Batman movie was the Penguin in? Let’s take a closer look.

Who is the Penguin?

Before we dive into which movie the Penguin appeared in, let’s talk a bit about who this character is. The Penguin, also known as Oswald Cobblepot, is one of Batman’s oldest and most persistent foes. He first appeared in Detective Comics #58 in 1941 and has been a mainstay in Batman comics ever since.

The character is known for his short stature, round body, top hat, monocle, and long nose that resembles that of a penguin. He’s also known for his extensive collection of umbrellas that he uses as weapons and gadgets.

The Batman Movie with Penguin

Now that we’ve established who the Penguin is, let’s get to the main question: which Batman movie was he in? The answer is “Batman Returns,” which was released in 1992.

In “Batman Returns,” the Penguin was played by actor Danny DeVito. This version of the character was more grotesque than previous portrayals, with flippers instead of hands and a slimy demeanor. The movie also introduced Catwoman as another villainous character.

The Plot

In “Batman Returns,” we see Gotham City preparing for Christmas while simultaneously dealing with an evil plot by three villains – Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer), Max Shreck (Christopher Walken), and the Penguin (Danny DeVito). The three villains team up to take control of Gotham City and destroy Batman (Michael Keaton).

The film received mixed reviews upon its release, with some praising the performances of the actors and the dark tone of the movie while others criticized its violence and lack of a coherent plot.


So, to answer the question – which Batman movie was the Penguin in? The answer is “Batman Returns.”

This film introduced a new version of the character, played by Danny DeVito, who was more grotesque and disturbing than previous versions. While the movie received mixed reviews upon its release, it’s still considered a classic in the Batman franchise and an important chapter in the history of this iconic superhero.