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What Comes After Batman a Death in the Family Movie?

What Comes After Batman: A Death in the Family Movie?

Batman: A Death in the Family is a classic 1988 comic book storyline that saw the death of Batman’s sidekick, Jason Todd, at the hands of the Joker. The storyline was controversial at the time, as it allowed readers to vote on whether Jason Todd would live or die. Since then, it has become a seminal moment in Batman’s history and has been adapted into various forms of media.

Now that DC has released an animated movie based on this storyline, fans are wondering what comes next for the Dark Knight. Here are some possibilities:

1. Under The Hood Adaptation

In this storyline, Jason Todd returns from the dead as a gun-toting vigilante known as Red Hood. He seeks revenge against both Batman and the Joker for what they did to him. This story arc could be adapted into an animated movie or even a live-action film.

2. Hush Adaptation

Hush is a popular comic book storyline that features several of Batman’s most famous villains, including the Joker and Harley Quinn. It also introduces a new villain named Hush who knows all of Bruce Wayne’s secrets and is determined to destroy him. This story arc could be adapted into an animated movie or a live-action film.

3. Court Of Owls Adaptation

The Court of Owls is a relatively recent addition to Batman’s rogues gallery, having been introduced in 2011’s Batman #1. They are a secret society that has controlled Gotham City for centuries, and their existence puts Batman’s entire worldview into question. This story arc could be adapted into either an animated movie or a live-action film.

4. The Killing Joke Adaptation

The Killing Joke is another classic Batman story that has already been adapted into an animated movie. However, a live-action adaptation could be just as successful, especially if it was done right. The story focuses on the Joker and his attempts to drive Commissioner Gordon insane.

5. A New Robin

With Jason Todd out of the picture, Batman could find a new sidekick to take his place. In the comics, several characters have taken on the role of Robin, including Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne. Each of these characters has their own unique personality and backstory that could make for a great animated movie or live-action film.

6. A New Villain

Batman has one of the most iconic rogues galleries in all of comics, but there’s always room for more villains. DC could introduce a new villain that challenges Batman in a way that he’s never been challenged before. This would be an excellent opportunity for DC to create a new character that could become just as popular as the Joker or Harley Quinn.


There are many possibilities for what comes after Batman: A Death in the Family movie. Whether it’s adapting another classic storyline or creating something entirely new, DC has plenty of options to choose from. Whatever they decide to do, fans can rest assured that Batman will continue to be one of the most popular superheroes in all of pop culture for decades to come.