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What Comes After Batman Death of the Family Movie?

The Batman Death of the Family movie has been a much-talked-about topic in the world of DC fans. The film, based on the popular comic book series, has left fans wondering what comes next in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Let’s take a look at what we know so far and speculate on what could be coming next.

What is Batman Death of the Family?

For those unfamiliar with the storyline, Batman Death of the Family is a comic book arc that features one of Batman’s most iconic villains, The Joker. In this storyline, The Joker returns to Gotham City after being absent for a year and Targets everyone associated with Batman, including his allies and family. The story ends with a shocking twist that left many fans stunned.

The Future of the DCEU

Now that the Batman Death of the Family movie has been released, many fans are curious about what comes next in the DCEU. While there has been no official announcement yet, there are rumors circulating about potential future projects.

The Batman Trilogy

One project that has been confirmed is Matt Reeves’ upcoming trilogy, which will focus on a younger version of Bruce Wayne/Batman. Robert Pattinson will be stepping into the role for this new iteration. It’s still unclear whether or not this trilogy will tie into other DCEU films.

Joker Sequel

Another potential project is a sequel to 2019’s Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix. While this film was not directly tied to any other DCEU movies, it was still set within the same universe and received critical acclaim.

New Harley Quinn Movie

There have also been rumors about a new Harley Quinn movie that would feature Poison Ivy as her love interest. Margot Robbie would reprise her role as Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.


While we don’t know for sure what the future holds for the DCEU after Batman Death of the Family, there are certainly exciting prospects on the horizon. Fans can look forward to new iterations of their favorite characters and potentially more standalone films that push the boundaries of what we’ve come to expect from superhero movies. Only time will tell what comes next, but one thing is for sure – DC fans have a lot to look forward to.