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What Comes After Batman Joker War?

After the epic conclusion of Batman Joker War, DC Comics has left fans wondering what could possibly come next for the Dark Knight. With so much at stake during the war, it’s hard to imagine what Gotham City could face that would be even more intense. However, DC has a long history of keeping their readers on their toes with unexpected plot twists and turns.

One thing we know for sure is that Batman will continue to fight crime and protect Gotham City. But what other challenges will he face? Let’s take a closer look at some possibilities:

New Villains

It’s no secret that Gotham City has its fair share of super-villains. With the likes of The Joker, Two-Face, and The Riddler causing chaos at every turn, it’s difficult to imagine any new villains emerging in the city. But with DC Comics’ vast array of characters, there is always room for new foes to challenge Batman.

Possible New Villains

– Court of Owls: This shadowy organization has been lurking in Gotham’s shadows for centuries. They control many aspects of the city and have an army of highly trained assassins at their disposal.

– Black Mask: A powerful crime lord who controls much of Gotham’s underworld. – Deathstroke: A mercenary assassin who is nearly unbeatable in combat. – Hush: A master manipulator who uses his wealth and intellect to torment Batman.

Crossover Events

DC Comics is known for their epic crossover events that bring together heroes from different corners of their universe. It’s possible that Batman could find himself teaming up with other heroes or facing off against new threats in one of these events.

Possible Crossover Events

– Crisis on Infinite Earths: This event brought together heroes from across the multiverse to fight against an all-powerful villain named the Anti-Monitor. – Dark Nights: Metal: This event saw Batman teaming up with other heroes to fight against a dark multiverse invasion led by a twisted version of himself called the Batman Who Laughs.

– Justice League vs. Suicide Squad: This event pitted Batman’s team of heroes against Amanda Waller’s team of villains in a battle for the fate of the world.

Personal Struggles

Batman has always been a complex character with his own set of personal struggles. It’s possible that upcoming storylines will focus more on these struggles and less on external threats.

Possible Personal Struggles

– Coping with loss: Batman has lost many loved ones over the years, including his parents, Robin, and more recently Alfred Pennyworth. It’s possible that future storylines could explore how he copes with these losses. – Trust issues: Batman is notorious for keeping secrets and not trusting others.

It’s possible that future storylines could explore how this affects his relationships with other heroes and allies. – Aging: Despite being in peak physical condition, Batman is still human and will eventually age. It’s possible that future storylines could explore how he copes with getting older and whether or not he can still perform his duties as Gotham’s protector.

In conclusion, while it’s hard to predict exactly what will come next for Batman after Joker War, there are many possibilities for exciting new storylines. Whether it’s new villains, crossover events, or personal struggles, one thing is for sure: Gotham City will never be safe from danger as long as Batman is around to protect it.