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What Comic Book Is Split From?

Comic books have a rich history and are often adapted into movies, TV shows, and even video games. One comic book that has gained considerable attention is “Split,” which was written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Greg Capullo. In this article, we will explore what comic book “Split” is split from and delve into its fascinating storyline.

The Origins of “Split”

“Split” is a part of the larger comic book series called “Batman: The New 52.” This series was launched in 2011 by DC Comics as a reboot of their entire superhero universe. It aimed to introduce new readers to the world of Batman while also providing fresh stories for long-time fans.

The New 52 initiative brought significant changes to Batman’s mythology, and one of the most notable alterations occurred in the storyline titled “Court of Owls.” This arc introduced a secret society known as the Court of Owls, which has controlled Gotham City from behind the scenes for centuries. It was during this storyline that the character known as Batman was split into two distinct entities.

The Splitting of Batman

In “Court of Owls,” Batman finds himself facing a formidable enemy who seems to know everything about him. As he delves deeper into the mystery surrounding the Court of Owls, Batman discovers that they have been manipulating his life for years.

During his investigation, Batman is captured by the Court and subjected to intense psychological torture. They use their advanced technology to split his mind into two separate personalities: Bruce Wayne and Batman.

This splitting creates an internal struggle within Batman. Bruce Wayne represents his humanity, emotions, and compassion, while Batman embodies his relentless drive for justice. This duality creates an intriguing dynamic within the character, as he must learn to navigate these two distinct personalities while still protecting Gotham City.

The Impact of “Split” on Batman

“Split” explores the consequences of Batman’s split personality and how it affects his relationships with his allies and adversaries. It also delves into the psychological toll this internal struggle takes on the Dark Knight.

One notable aspect of “Split” is the visual representation of Batman’s duality. When Bruce Wayne is in control, the artwork adopts a more subdued and humanistic style. In contrast, when Batman takes over, the illustrations become darker, more intense, and full of action.

The storyline of “Split” examines themes such as identity, sacrifice, and the blurred line between heroism and obsession. It showcases how Batman’s split personality both empowers him in his fight against crime but also threatens to consume him entirely.


“Split” is a captivating comic book that explores the consequences of splitting Batman’s mind into two distinct personalities. By delving into this internal struggle, it offers readers a deeper understanding of the complex character that is Batman.

Through its stunning artwork and compelling storyline, “Split” showcases how even superheroes are not immune to their own inner demons. So if you’re a fan of Batman or simply enjoy thought-provoking comics, be sure to check out “Split” and immerse yourself in this thrilling tale.