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What Comic Strip Character Is Beetle Bailey’s Sister?

If you are a fan of comic strips, you must have come across the character of Beetle Bailey. Created by Mort Walker in 1950, this comic strip has been entertaining readers for over 70 years now. But have you ever wondered who Beetle Bailey’s sister is?

Well, Beetle Bailey’s sister is none other than Lois Flagston. Yes!

You heard it right. Lois is Beetle’s sister and a character from another popular comic strip called “Hi and Lois,” which was also created by Mort Walker along with Dik Browne in 1954.

Lois is the younger sister of Beetle and shares a very close bond with him. Although she doesn’t appear in the “Beetle Bailey” comic strip itself, she has made cameo appearances in some of the special editions crossover strips featuring characters from both strips.

Lois Flagston is a very different character from her brother, Beetle Bailey. While Beetle is portrayed as lazy and always trying to avoid work, Lois is depicted as an active and energetic young woman who loves sports and outdoor activities.

In the “Hi and Lois” comic strip, Lois is married to Hi Flagston, who runs his own business. Together they have four children named Chip, Dot, Ditto, and Trixie.

The “Hi and Lois” comic strip has been running for over six decades now and still enjoys a loyal following among readers of all ages.

In conclusion, while Beetles Bailey’s antics may have captured our hearts for decades now, it’s worth noting that he has an equally interesting sibling in Lois Flagston from the “Hi and Lois” comics. If you haven’t read this classic comic strip yet, give it a try as it offers an entertaining glimpse into the lives of two very different siblings.