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What Did Joker Do to Robin in Batman vs Superman?

In Batman vs Superman, the character of Joker makes a brief appearance in a scene that left many fans wondering what exactly happened to Robin. It’s a question that has been asked repeatedly since the release of the movie, and here we’ll try to answer it as best we can.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Robin has not appeared in any of the DC Extended Universe movies yet. However, there have been hints and references to him in some of the movies, including Batman vs Superman.

Who is Robin?

For those who are not familiar with Robin, he is one of Batman’s sidekicks and his most famous protege. There have been several different Robins over the years in DC Comics continuity, but the most well-known one is Dick Grayson.

He was originally introduced as a young acrobat whose family was killed by criminals. Batman took him under his wing and trained him to become his partner.

The Scene

Now back to the scene in question. In Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, there is a scene where Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) looks at an old suit that belonged to Robin.

The suit has “HAHA JOKE’S ON YOU BATMAN” scrawled on it in red letters. This implies that Joker had something to do with Robin’s death.


There have been several theories about what really happened to Robin. One theory suggests that Joker killed him as revenge against Batman for something he did in the past.

Another theory states that Robin was killed by Doomsday during the events of Man of Steel (2013), which took place before Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

However, until some official explanation or backstory is provided by DC Comics or Warner Bros., we can only speculate about what really happened to Robin.


In conclusion, while we may not have a definitive answer to what Joker did to Robin in Batman vs Superman, it’s clear that something happened to him. The scene with the suit hints at a tragic event in Batman’s past, one that has yet to be fully explored in the DC Extended Universe. Hopefully, we’ll get some answers in future movies or TV shows.