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What Do Comic Book Artists Use to Draw On?

Comic book artists use a variety of tools to bring their illustrations to life on the page. From traditional pen and paper to digital tablets, each artist has their preferred method of creating captivating visuals that capture the essence of their characters and stories. In this article, we will explore some of the most common tools that comic book artists use to draw on.


Before the advent of digital drawing, comic book artists relied heavily on good old-fashioned paper. Many artists still prefer the tactile experience of pen or pencil on paper. They often use high-quality Bristol board or specialized comic art boards that are smooth and durable.


The first step in creating a comic book illustration is sketching out the initial drawings. Artists typically use pencils for this stage as they allow for erasing and making adjustments as needed. Pencils with different lead hardness are used to achieve various line weights and shading effects.

Inking Pens

Once the pencils are complete, it’s time to ink over them to create clean, bold lines. Inking pens come in different sizes and types, such as technical pens or brush pens. These pens provide precision and control, allowing artists to add depth and detail to their artwork.

Digital Tools

In recent years, many comic book artists have embraced digital tools for drawing and coloring their artwork. Digital drawing tablets offer a wide range of benefits, including undo/redo functions, easy color correction, and the ability to work in layers.

Graphic Tablets

A graphic tablet is a device that allows artists to draw directly onto a flat surface using a stylus pen. The tablet is connected to a computer or laptop, where specialized software such as Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint is used for creating digital artwork.

Display Tablets

Display tablets, also known as pen displays, are similar to graphic tablets but with the added feature of a built-in screen. This allows artists to directly see and draw on the same surface, making it feel more like traditional drawing on paper.


In addition to the hardware, comic book artists utilize various software programs to enhance and finalize their artwork. These programs offer a wide array of tools and features that help bring their creations to life.

Drawing and Painting Software

Popular software options for comic book artists include Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, and Corel Painter. These programs provide a wide range of brushes, textures, and effects that mimic traditional art mediums while offering the flexibility of digital editing.

Lettering Software

Another important aspect of comic book creation is lettering. Comic lettering software such as Comicraft or Blambot allows artists to easily add dialogue and sound effects to their illustrations. These programs offer a variety of fonts and tools specifically designed for comic book lettering.

In Conclusion

Comic book artists have a multitude of tools at their disposal for creating stunning visuals. Whether they prefer the traditional approach using pen and paper or embrace the digital revolution with graphic tablets and specialized software, these tools allow them to bring their imaginations to life in vibrant detail.

So whether you’re an aspiring comic book artist or simply curious about the creative process behind your favorite comics, understanding what tools are used can help you appreciate the skill and dedication that goes into each panel.