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What Do You Call a Comic Strip Artist?

If you’re a fan of comic strips, you may have wondered what the person who creates them is called. The term “comic strip artist” might come to mind, but there are actually a few different titles that can be used to refer to someone who creates comic strips. In this article, we’ll explore some of the different names for comic strip artists and what they mean.


One of the most common terms used to describe a comic strip artist is “cartoonist.” This term can refer to anyone who creates cartoons or comic strips, regardless of their style or medium. Cartoonists can work in a variety of genres and formats, from political cartoons to newspaper comics to animated television shows.

Comic Strip Artist

As mentioned earlier, “comic strip artist” is also a commonly used term for someone who creates comic strips. This title is more specific than “cartoonist,” as it specifically refers to someone who works in the format of sequential art, with multiple panels telling a story.

Graphic Novelist

Another term that may be used to describe a creator of comic strips or comics in general is “graphic novelist.” This title is often used for creators who work on longer-form stories, often published in book form rather than appearing in newspapers or online.


While not necessarily a title for the overall creator of a comic strip, an “inker” is an important role within the creation process. The inker’s job is to take the pencils or rough sketches created by the artist and create clean, finished line work that will be ready for coloring and printing.


Similarly, the letterer is responsible for adding text and dialogue to the finished artwork. This can involve hand-lettering with pen and ink or using digital tools to add text bubbles and captions.


There are many different titles used to describe people who create comic strips, from the broad “cartoonist” to the more specific “comic strip artist.” Additionally, there are roles within the creation process such as inkers and letterers that are crucial to bringing a comic strip to life. No matter what title someone uses, creating comic strips requires a unique set of skills and talents that make for engaging and entertaining stories.