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What Do You Do After You Beat Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum?

Congratulations, you’ve defeated the Joker in Batman Arkham Asylum! But what do you do now? Here are some things to consider after beating the game.

1. Unlockables

First and foremost, take a moment to appreciate your victory.

Then, check out the unlockables you earned by completing the game. You can find these in the main menu under “Extras.” Here, you’ll find concept art, character bios, and challenge maps.

2. Challenge Maps

Speaking of challenge maps, now is a great time to test your skills with them.

These are additional levels where you can fight enemies and earn high scores. You’ll need to have unlocked them first by finding all of the Riddler trophies throughout the game.

a) Combat Challenges

The combat challenges are all about taking down enemies with style. You’ll be scored based on how many moves you string together without getting hit, as well as how quickly you finish each round.

b) Predator Challenges

The predator challenges are all about stealth. You’ll need to take out enemies one-by-one without being seen or heard. The more creative your takedowns are, the higher your score will be.

3. New Game Plus

If you’re feeling up for a challenge, try playing through the game again on New Game Plus mode. This mode starts you off with all of your gadgets and upgrades from your previous playthrough but also makes enemies tougher to beat.

4. DLC

If you’re hungry for more Batman action, check out some of the DLC available for Arkham Asylum. This includes new challenge maps as well as additional story content featuring characters like Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze.

5. Play the Sequels

Finally, if you loved Arkham Asylum, make sure to check out its sequels: Arkham City, Arkham Origins, and Arkham Knight. Each game builds on the previous one and offers even more content to explore.


Beating the Joker is just the beginning of your journey in Batman Arkham Asylum. With unlockables, challenge maps, New Game Plus mode, DLC, and sequels to explore, there’s plenty to keep you busy in Gotham City. Enjoy!