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What Does a Comic Book Artist Do?

Have you ever wondered what a comic book artist does? Well, they do more than just draw pictures.

In fact, they are responsible for creating the visual world that the characters in the story inhabit. Let’s take a closer look at what a comic book artist does.

Creating Characters

One of the most important tasks of a comic book artist is creating characters. They work closely with the writer to bring their vision to life.

The artist must take into account every detail about the character’s appearance and personality. This includes their clothing, hair, facial features, body language, and more.

Sketching and Inking

Once the characters are created, it’s time to start drawing. The first step is sketching out the basic shapes and outlines of each panel in pencil. This allows the artist to get a rough idea of how everything will fit together.

After this initial sketching phase is complete, it’s time for inking. This involves using ink pens or brushes to create clean lines over the pencil sketches. Inking requires a steady hand and careful attention to detail.


Next comes coloring. Some artists prefer to color by hand using watercolors or markers, while others use digital software like Adobe Photoshop or Procreate. Color can add depth and emotion to a comic book panel, so it’s important that an artist choose colors that complement the story being told.

Telling a Story

Ultimately, a comic book artist’s job is to tell a story through their artwork. They must be able to convey emotions and action through their drawings alone. This means understanding composition, pacing, and how each panel fits into the larger narrative.


The layout of each page is also crucial in telling a story effectively. An artist must decide how many panels will be on each page and how they will be arranged. The size and shape of each panel can also affect the way a reader perceives the story.


Finally, lettering is another important aspect of comic book art. The artist must decide on the font and placement of the text within each panel. This can affect the pacing and tone of the story as well.

In conclusion, a comic book artist does much more than just draw pictures. They are responsible for creating characters, sketching and inking, coloring, telling a story through their art, layouts, and lettering. It takes skill and dedication to become a successful comic book artist.