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What Does Joker Say to Batman Snyder Cut?

The highly anticipated Snyder Cut of Justice League has finally arrived, and fans are buzzing about the new scenes and dialogue that were added to the film. One particular scene that has caught everyone’s attention is the conversation between Joker and Batman. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Joker says to Batman in Snyder Cut.

Joker’s Dialogue

The scene takes place in a dystopian future where Darkseid has taken over Earth, and most of the heroes are dead. Batman is leading a small group of survivors, including The Flash, Cyborg, and Mera. They are on a mission to retrieve a device that can turn back time and prevent Darkseid from winning.

As they approach their destination, they are ambushed by Joker, who is holding the device they need. He offers to give it to them if Batman agrees to have a conversation with him.

“We live in a society..”

The first thing Joker says to Batman is “We live in a society.” which is a nod to the popular meme that originated from his character’s dialogue in previous films. This line has become synonymous with Joker and has been used by fans across social media platforms.

“You need me”

Joker then goes on to taunt Batman about his past failures and how he couldn’t save anyone he cared about. He tells Batman that he needs him because he is his best enemy.

“I’m going to kill you”

In response, Batman threatens to kill Joker if he doesn’t give them the device. But Joker reminds him that without him, there would be no one left for Batman to fight against.

“When you bring me out.”

Joker then delivers one of his most chilling lines in the scene: “When you bring me out. can you introduce me as Joker?” This line is a reference to the fact that in previous films, Joker was never referred to by his iconic name.


In conclusion, the conversation between Joker and Batman in Snyder Cut is a fascinating addition to the film. It’s a powerful scene that showcases the complex relationship between these two iconic characters. With clever nods to past films and comics, this scene is sure to be analyzed and debated by fans for years to come.