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What Does Joker Think of Batman Who Laughs?

The Joker and Batman Who Laughs are two of the most iconic characters in the DC universe. Both of them are known for their dark personalities and twisted sense of humor. However, there is a significant difference between the two characters that sets them apart from each other.

The Joker is an unpredictable and chaotic character who thrives on creating chaos and anarchy wherever he goes. He has no real plan or agenda, and his only goal is to cause as much destruction as possible. On the other hand, Batman Who Laughs is a strategic mastermind who always has a plan and knows exactly what he wants to accomplish.

So what does Joker think of Batman Who Laughs? Well, it’s safe to say that he’s not a big fan.

The Joker sees Batman Who Laughs as a threat to his own identity as the ultimate villain of Gotham City. He doesn’t like the fact that there’s another character out there who can outsmart him and come up with more twisted plans than he can.

At the same time, however, Joker also respects Batman Who Laughs for his intelligence and cunning. He knows that he’s dealing with a formidable opponent who can’t be taken lightly. In fact, in some versions of the story, Joker even teams up with Batman Who Laughs temporarily to accomplish a common goal.

In conclusion, while Joker may not like Batman Who Laughs personally, he certainly recognizes his skills and abilities as a villain. It’s this respect mixed with disdain that makes their interactions so fascinating to watch for fans of DC comics.