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What Does NN Mean on a Comic Book?

Comic books are a fascinating medium that has captivated readers for decades. They are filled with colorful illustrations, captivating stories, and interesting characters. However, if you are new to the world of comic books, you might come across some unfamiliar terms and abbreviations.

One such abbreviation is “NN.” So, what does NN mean on a comic book? Let’s find out!

The Meaning of NN

When you see “NN” on a comic book, it stands for “No Number.” This term is commonly used to describe a comic book issue that does not have a specific number assigned to it.

Typically, comic books are released in chronological order and numbered accordingly. However, there are instances where a particular issue may not have a number.

Why Are Some Comic Books Labeled as NN?

There can be several reasons why certain comic books are labeled as NN:

  • Variants: Comic book publishers sometimes release variant covers or special editions that do not receive an official number. These variants often feature different artwork or limited edition prints.
  • One-Shots: One-shot comic books are standalone stories that do not tie into an ongoing series.

    As they are self-contained, they may not be assigned a specific number.

  • Prelude or Prologue Issues: Occasionally, publishers release prelude or prologue issues as an introduction to an upcoming series or event. These issues may be labeled as NN because they serve as a lead-in rather than being part of the main series.

The Significance of NN Comic Books

While NN comic books may not have a specific number attached to them, they can still hold significant value for collectors and fans. Some NN issues become highly sought after due to their rarity or unique content. Additionally, variant covers labeled as NN often become collector’s items, as they are usually produced in limited quantities.


In the world of comic books, NN stands for No Number. It is used to label comic book issues that do not have a specific number assigned to them.

These issues can be variants, one-shots, or prelude/prologue issues. Despite not having a number, NN comic books can hold value and appeal to collectors and fans alike.

So the next time you come across “NN” on a comic book, you’ll know exactly what it means!