Batman / Batman Joker

What Does the Joker Call Batman?

The relationship between Batman and Joker is one of the most iconic in comic book history. The two have been locked in a never-ending battle of wits and wills, with each trying to outdo the other at every turn.

One of the more interesting aspects of this rivalry is the way that Joker addresses Batman. So, what does the Joker call Batman? Let’s dive into it.

Why Does Joker Call Batman by Different Names?

The Joker is known for his unpredictability and chaotic nature, so it’s not surprising that he calls Batman by different names. In fact, the Clown Prince of Crime has referred to Batman by dozens of different monikers over the years. Some are insults meant to demean and belittle him, while others are used to mock him or show a twisted form of respect.

The Dark Knight

One of the most common names that Joker uses for Batman is “The Dark Knight.” This name is often used as a way to acknowledge Batman’s prowess as a crimefighter. The name has become so popular that it’s now commonly used by fans and even in some official merchandise.


Another name that Joker uses for Batman is “Batsy.” This one is clearly meant to be insulting, as it makes fun of Batman’s persona as a bat-themed superhero. The name also has a childish quality to it, which adds an extra layer of mockery.


Similar to “Batsy,” “Bat-brain” is another insult that Joker uses for Batman. This one plays on the idea that Batman is overly reliant on his gadgets and technology. It also implies that he lacks intelligence or common sense.

Old Chum

Surprisingly, there are times when Joker actually shows a twisted form of respect for Batman. One way he does this is by calling him “Old Chum.”

This name has a friendly, almost nostalgic quality to it. It’s almost as if Joker is acknowledging that he and Batman have been at this for so long that they’re like old friends.


In the end, the names that Joker uses for Batman are just another part of their ongoing feud. They reflect the complex nature of their relationship and show just how deep their rivalry goes. Whether he’s calling him “The Dark Knight” or “Bat-brain,” one thing is for sure: when Joker calls, Batman will always answer.