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What Episode Does the Joker First Appear in Batman: The Animated Series?

If you are a fan of Batman: The Animated Series, you must be well aware of the infamous villain, the Joker. But do you know in which episode the Joker first appeared?

Well, let’s dive into the world of Batman and explore when and how the Joker made his grand entry.

The Debut of the Clown Prince of Crime

The Joker made his first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in the episode titled “The Last Laugh.” This episode premiered on September 22nd, 1992, as part of the show’s inaugural season.

In this episode, we see a series of crimes being committed all over Gotham City. The perpetrator behind these crimes is none other than the Joker himself. He has escaped from Arkham Asylum and is now on a rampage throughout Gotham.

What Happens in “The Last Laugh”

Batman quickly realizes that it is the Joker who is behind all these crimes. He also discovers that the Joker has planted bombs all over Gotham City and plans to blow up everything unless his demands are met.

Batman must race against time to prevent this disaster from happening and capture the Joker before it’s too late.

The Impact of “The Last Laugh”

“The Last Laugh” was a crucial episode for Batman: The Animated Series as it introduced one of its most iconic characters – The Joker. This character has since become synonymous with Batman and has been featured in numerous movies, TV shows, comic books, and video games.

The portrayal of the Joker in this series was groundbreaking as it showed him as a complex character with psychological issues rather than just a typical comic book villain.


In conclusion, “The Last Laugh” is an essential episode for any fan of Batman: The Animated Series as it marks the debut of one of its most beloved characters – The Joker. This episode showcased the Joker’s true potential and set the tone for his future appearances in the show.

So, if you haven’t watched “The Last Laugh” yet, make sure to add it to your watchlist. It is a must-watch for all Batman fans and lovers of great storytelling.