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What Happened to Dog Eat Doug Comic Strip?

Dog Eat Doug was a widely popular comic strip created by artist Brian Anderson. The strip revolved around the lives of two dogs, Sophie and Doug, and their human family. The comic was loved for its humor and relatable characters.

However, fans of the comic have been left wondering what happened to Dog Eat Doug. The comic suddenly stopped being published in newspapers and online platforms in 2019.

There have been rumors that Brian Anderson had health problems which led to the discontinuation of the comic. However, these rumors have not been confirmed by the artist himself.

Another speculation is that there were issues with the syndicate that distributed Dog Eat Doug. Some reports suggest that Anderson had disagreements with his syndicate over creative control and financial compensation.

Despite the lack of official confirmation, it is clear that Dog Eat Doug has ended abruptly without any explanation or closure for its fans.

This sudden end to a beloved comic has left many fans feeling disappointed and confused. The lack of information from Anderson or his syndicate has only added to the frustration.

In retrospect, Dog Eat Doug will always be remembered as a hilarious and heartwarming comic that brought joy to its readers for over a decade.

If you miss reading Dog Eat Doug, you can still find some of the old strips on various webcomic platforms or even purchase collections of past strips in book form.