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What Happened to the Comic Strip for Better or Worse?

Have you ever heard of the comic strip “For Better or For Worse”? If so, you might be wondering what happened to it. If not, let me tell you a little bit about it.

What is For Better or For Worse?

For Better or For Worse was a Canadian comic strip created by Lynn Johnston. It was first published in 1979 and ran until 2008. The strip was known for its realistic portrayal of family life and tackled many serious issues such as divorce, death, and illness.

Why was it so popular?

The comic strip gained a massive following due to its relatable characters and storylines. Many readers saw themselves in the Patterson family and their struggles. The strip also had a unique format where the characters aged in real-time, meaning that the children grew up and eventually had families of their own.

The End of the Comic Strip

In 2008, after 29 years of publication, Lynn Johnston decided to end the daily comic strip. However, she continued to create new material for the Sunday strips until 2010.

Why did Lynn Johnston end the strip?

In an interview with CBC Radio, Johnston stated that she ended the daily comic strip because she felt like she had told all of the stories she wanted to tell with the Patterson family. She also wanted to focus on other projects such as writing novels.

The Legacy of For Better or For Worse

Even though the daily comic strip is no longer being produced, its legacy lives on. The strip has been collected into various books and continues to be read by fans all over the world. In 2017, Johnston released a new book called “For Better or For Worse: The Complete Library” which includes all of her original artwork and commentary on each strip.

  • In conclusion, For Better or For Worse was a beloved comic strip that tackled serious issues and had a massive following. Despite ending the daily comic strip in 2008, Lynn Johnston’s creation continues to be read and enjoyed by fans all over the world.

If you haven’t read For Better or For Worse, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a heartwarming and relatable comic strip that will make you laugh and cry.