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What Happened to the Comic Strip Mark Trail?

Mark Trail was a comic strip that has been around since 1946, telling the story of an environmentalist and wildlife photographer. The comic strip was created by Ed Dodd and was later taken over by Jack Elrod after Dodd’s passing in 1991. The series has been popular among nature enthusiasts and fans of adventure comics.

However, in recent times, readers have noticed a significant change in the comic strip. Fans have expressed their concern over the direction that the new artist, Jules Rivera, has taken with the series. There are mixed feelings about this change.

One of the most noticeable changes is the art style. Rivera’s style is much more modern and streamlined than Elrod’s.

This new style has led to some criticism from long-time readers who feel that it lacks the original charm of Mark Trail. However, others appreciate Rivera’s fresh take on the series.

Another significant change is in the storytelling approach. While Dodd and Elrod focused on nature conservation issues and animal rights activism, Rivera took a more politically charged approach to her stories. Her work deals with current events such as racism, climate change, and social inequality.

Some readers have found this shift refreshing as it brings attention to real-world issues while others feel that it takes away from what made Mark Trail unique. There are also mixed opinions about Rivera’s handling of classic characters like Mark Trail himself and his wife Cherry.

Despite these changes, there is no denying that Mark Trail still has a loyal following due to its strong storytelling and engaging characters. Rivera’s approach may be different from what fans are used to but it’s undeniable that she brings her own unique voice to the series.

In conclusion, while there have been some significant changes to Mark Trail under Jules Rivera’s leadership, it remains one of the most popular comic strips out there today due to its engaging storyline and strong characters. Whether you love or hate these changes depends entirely on your personal taste – but one thing is for sure, Mark Trail will continue to be a beloved series for years to come.