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What Happened to the Comic Strip Non Sequitur?

Non Sequitur is a popular comic strip created by Wiley Miller that has been entertaining readers for over 25 years. However, in early 2019, the comic strip disappeared from many newspapers and online publications. This sudden disappearance left fans wondering what happened to their beloved strip.

The Controversy:

The reason for the disappearance of Non Sequitur was due to a controversial political message that appeared in one of its panels. The cartoon included a hidden message criticizing President Donald Trump. The message was not visible unless readers paid close attention to the small scribbled letters in the corner of the panel.

Once the hidden message was discovered, it caused an uproar among readers and publishers alike. Many newspapers immediately pulled the comic strip from their publications while others demanded an apology from Wiley Miller.

The controversy resulted in Wiley Miller issuing an apology for his actions and admitting that he had made a mistake. He promised to never include any political messages in his comics again and hoped that his fans would forgive him for his error in judgment.

The Fallout:

Despite Wiley Miller’s apology, many newspapers decided to continue with their decision to drop the Non Sequitur comic strip from their publications. This resulted in a significant loss of income for both Wiley Miller and his syndicate.

However, some publishers decided to reinstate the comic strip after Wiley Miller’s apology as they believed it was a one-time mistake and did not want to punish him for it forever.

Furthermore, Wiley Miller’s mistake also led other cartoonists to be more cautious about including political messages or hidden meanings in their comics, as they did not want to face similar consequences.

The Return:

Non Sequitur eventually returned to publications after several weeks of absence but faced some backlash from readers who were still upset about the controversy. However, over time, most fans forgave Wiley Miller and were happy to see Non Sequitur back on their pages.

The controversy surrounding Non Sequitur was a reminder of the power of comics and the impact they can have on readers. It also highlighted the need for cartoonists to be more cautious with their messages and ensure that they do not offend or upset their readers.

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding Non Sequitur was a significant event in the world of comics. While it led to some negative consequences for Wiley Miller, it also served as a reminder for cartoonists and publishers to be more aware of the messages they convey in their comics.