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What Happened to the Comic Strip Ziggy?

Ziggy was a popular comic strip character that was created by Tom Wilson in 1969. The lovable character had a bald head, a big nose, and wore a black turtleneck sweater and pants.

Ziggy’s popularity soared in the 1970s and 1980s, and he became an icon of American pop culture. However, in recent years, Ziggy has disappeared from newspapers and comic books. So, what happened to the comic strip Ziggy?

The Early Days of Ziggy

Ziggy made his debut on June 16, 1969, in the New York Herald Tribune. He was created by Tom Wilson, who had previously worked as an art director for American Greetings Corporation. The character quickly became popular with readers and was soon picked up by other newspapers across the country.

The Rise to Popularity

Ziggy’s popularity continued to soar throughout the 1970s and 1980s. He even had his own television special in 1982 called “Ziggy’s Gift”, which won an Emmy award for Outstanding Animated Program.

The popularity of Ziggy also led to merchandise featuring the character such as t-shirts, coffee mugs, and plush toys. In addition to his own comic strip, Ziggy also made appearances in other cartoon strips such as “The Family Circus” and “Hagar the Horrible”.

The Decline of Ziggy

Despite his popularity, Ziggy began to decline in the 1990s. Many newspapers began dropping his comic strip due to declining readership and changing tastes among readers.

In addition to declining readership, Tom Wilson’s health also began to decline during this time period. He suffered from several strokes that left him unable to draw or write new material for Ziggy.

The Future of Ziggy

After Tom Wilson’s death in 2011, his son, Tom Wilson Jr., took over the Ziggy comic strip. However, the strip has not seen the same level of success as it did during its heyday.

Currently, Ziggy is still being published in select newspapers and online publications. The character also still has a loyal fan base who enjoy his timeless humor and positive outlook on life.


In conclusion, Ziggy was a beloved comic strip character that captured the hearts of readers across the country. Despite his decline in popularity in recent years, he remains an important part of American pop culture history. While it’s uncertain what the future holds for Ziggy, fans can still enjoy his classic comics and merchandise featuring the lovable character.