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What Happened to the Dilbert Comic Strip?

In the late 1980s, a new comic strip emerged and quickly gained popularity. It was called Dilbert, and it featured a lovable but hapless engineer named Dilbert who worked in a cubicle-filled office. The strip’s creator, Scott Adams, had worked as an engineer himself and drew on his own experiences to create Dilbert’s world.

The comic strip became a sensation, appearing in newspapers all over the world and spawning books, calendars, and even an animated television series. But in recent years, Dilbert has seemingly disappeared from the public eye. So what happened?

One factor is the decline of newspapers as a medium for comic strips. As more people get their news online or through social media, newspapers have struggled to stay relevant. Many papers have cut back on their comics sections or eliminated them altogether.

Another factor is that Scott Adams has shifted his focus away from the comic strip. In addition to writing Dilbert, Adams has been active on social media and has written several books on topics such as politics and persuasion. He has also faced controversy for some of his views on these topics.

Despite these challenges, Dilbert still has a devoted following among fans who appreciate its humor and insight into office culture. The strip continues to be published online and in some newspapers, and there are still new books being released featuring Dilbert and his colleagues.

So while Dilbert may not be as ubiquitous as it once was, it is far from forgotten. Its legacy lives on through its dedicated fans and its impact on popular culture.


In conclusion, the decline of newspapers and Scott Adams’ shifting focus are two factors that have contributed to the waning popularity of the Dilbert comic strip in recent years. However, it remains beloved by many fans who appreciate its humor and insights into office life. While it may not be as visible as it once was, its legacy lives on through its devoted following and its impact on popular culture.