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What Happened to the Pajama Diaries Comic Strip?

The Pajama Diaries was a popular comic strip that ran for over a decade, providing readers with humor and relatable family situations. However, in recent years, fans have noticed that the strip has been sporadically updated and may have even disappeared altogether. So what happened to the Pajama Diaries comic strip?

The History of the Pajama Diaries

The Pajama Diaries was created by Terri Libenson and launched in 2006. The strip follows the lives of Jill Kaplan, a freelance writer, and her family.

The comic strip was popular among readers due to its humorous take on contemporary family life. Jill’s husband Rob is a stay-at-home dad who takes care of their two daughters – Samantha and Amy.

The Decline of the Strip

Despite its popularity, The Pajama Diaries has faced some challenges in recent years. There have been long gaps between updates to the comic strip, leading some fans to wonder if it had been discontinued altogether.

One reason for this may be that Terri Libenson has taken on other projects. She is also a children’s book author and Illustrator, having published several books including “Invisible Emmie” and “Positively Izzy.” It’s possible that these other projects have taken priority over The Pajama Diaries.

Another possible reason for the decline in updates could be related to syndication issues. The Pajama Diaries was syndicated by King Features Syndicate which distributes comics to newspapers across the country. If newspapers were no longer interested in carrying the strip or if it wasn’t generating enough revenue, King Features may have decided to discontinue it.

The Future of The Pajama Diaries

Despite concerns about its future, there is still hope for The Pajama Diaries. Terri Libenson has stated that she has not given up on the strip and plans to continue it as long as she can. She has also expressed interest in developing the strip into other forms of media, such as an animated series or graphic novel.

In addition, while there have been long gaps between updates to the comic strip, it is still being published. The Pajama Diaries website has a section where readers can catch up on missed strips, and there have been sporadic updates to the strip over the past year.


The Pajama Diaries may not be as prolific as it once was, but it’s clear that Terri Libenson still has a love for the characters and their stories. While it may not be updated on a regular schedule, fans can still enjoy the humor and relatable situations that made The Pajama Diaries so popular in the first place.