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What Is a Box in a Comic Strip Called?

If you’ve ever read a comic strip, you may have noticed that the characters and objects are often enclosed in boxes. But have you ever wondered what these boxes are called? In the world of comics, they are known as panels.

What Is a Panel?

A panel is a rectangular or square area in a comic strip that contains illustrations and dialogue. It’s like a frame that captures a particular moment in the story. The shape and size of the panel can vary depending on the artist’s style and the story’s narrative.

Why Panels Are Important?

Panels are an essential element of comics because they help to pace the story and control how readers perceive time. Each panel can show a different action or emotion, making it easier to follow the storyline. They also provide structure and organization to the narrative.

The Different Types of Panels

There are several types of panels used in comics, including:

  • Standard Panel: This is the most common type of panel, which is usually rectangular or square in shape.
  • Splash Panel: A splash panel is a full-page illustration used for dramatic effect or to introduce new characters or settings.
  • Double-Page Spread: A double-page spread is when two facing pages are used for one large image.
  • Gutter: The gutter is the space between panels where no illustration or dialogue appears.

The Use of Panels in Comic Strips

Panels are used by artists to communicate specific aspects of a story. For example, they can be used to show movement and action through multiple panels, allowing readers to follow along with the story’s flow. They can also be used to create suspense by showing a character’s reaction to an event without revealing the event itself.


In conclusion, panels are a crucial element of comic strips. They provide structure, pacing, and organization to the narrative while allowing artists to communicate specific aspects of the story through visuals. Now that you know what they’re called, you can appreciate them even more the next time you read a comic strip!