Comic Strip / Comics

What Is a Cartoon or Comic Strip?

A cartoon or comic strip is a form of visual storytelling that has been popular for decades. Cartoon strips can be found in newspapers, magazines, and online media. They are often humorous, but can also tackle serious issues and address social and political topics.

What is a Cartoon?

A cartoon is a drawing or illustration that typically features exaggerated characters with exaggerated features. Cartoons are often found in newspapers and magazines and can be used to convey humor, satire, or commentary on current events.

Cartoons have been around for centuries, with early examples dating back to the 1700s. They gained popularity in the 1900s with the rise of newspapers and magazines as a form of mass media.

Types of Cartoons

There are many types of cartoons that exist today. Some of the most popular include:

– Editorial cartoons: These cartoons feature political commentary and are often published alongside news articles in newspapers.
– Comic strips: A series of illustrations that tell a story over several panels.
– Animated cartoons: These are cartoons that have been brought to life through animation techniques.

What is a Comic Strip?

A comic strip is a sequence of illustrations arranged in panels to tell a story. Comic strips can be found in newspapers, magazines, books, and online media.

Comic strips first became popular in the late 1800s with the introduction of the yellow journalism movement. The first comic strip was called “The Yellow Kid” and was created by Richard F. Outcault.

Elements of a Comic Strip

Comic strips typically contain several elements that help to tell the story:

– Panels: The individual frames or boxes that contain each illustration. – Gutters: The space between each panel.

– Speech bubbles: These contain dialogue spoken by characters. – Thought bubbles: These contain the internal thoughts of characters. – Sound effects: These are words that represent sounds, such as “bang” or “crash.”


Cartoons and comic strips are an engaging and visually stimulating form of storytelling. They can be humorous, thought-provoking, and entertaining. With the rise of digital media, cartoons and comic strips continue to be a popular form of entertainment for people of all ages.