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What Is a Comic Strip Author Called?

Have you ever wondered what the person who creates those funny and engaging comic strips is called? Well, wonder no more!

The person who writes and draws a comic strip is known as a comic strip author or a cartoonist. They are responsible for creating the characters, storyline, dialogue, and illustrations that make up a comic strip.

What Does a Comic Strip Author Do?

A comic strip author is responsible for creating all aspects of the comic strip. This includes coming up with the concept, developing the characters, writing the storylines, and drawing the illustrations.


The first step in creating a comic strip is coming up with a concept. This involves brainstorming ideas for characters, settings, and storylines. The author must create something that will capture the reader’s attention and keep them engaged week after week.


Once the concept has been established, it’s time to develop the characters. The author must give each character a unique personality and appearance that will make them stand out to readers. They must also consider how these characters will interact with each other throughout the storyline.


The storyline is one of the most important aspects of a comic strip. It must be engaging enough to keep readers interested week after week. The author must create conflict and resolution in each episode to keep readers coming back for more.


The illustrations in a comic strip are just as important as the storyline. They must be visually appealing and help bring the story to life. The author must have strong drawing skills to create illustrations that accurately depict each character and setting.

Skills Required for Comic Strip Authors

To become a successful comic strip author, several skills are required:

  • Creativity: A strong imagination is necessary to come up with unique characters and storylines.
  • Drawing Skills: The ability to draw well is essential for creating visually appealing illustrations.
  • Writing Skills: Strong writing skills are necessary for creating engaging storylines and dialogue.
  • Time Management: Comic strips are usually published on a regular schedule, so the ability to manage time effectively is crucial.
  • Adaptability: The ability to adapt to changes in the storyline or characters is important for keeping the comic strip fresh and interesting.


In conclusion, a comic strip author is responsible for creating engaging characters, storylines, and illustrations. They must have a combination of creative, drawing, writing, time management, and adaptability skills. So the next time you read a funny comic strip in the newspaper or online, you’ll know who to thank – the talented comic strip author!