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What Is a Comic Strip Panel Called?

Are you a fan of comic strips? Have you ever wondered what the individual boxes in a comic strip are called?

Well, wonder no more! Each individual box in a comic strip is called a panel. Let’s dive deeper into what makes up a comic strip panel.

What Is a Comic Strip?

Before we discuss panels, let’s define what a comic strip is. A comic strip is a series of images or drawings that tell a story and are usually presented in horizontal rows. Comic strips can be found in newspapers, magazines, online publications, and even in books.

What Is a Panel?

Now that we know what a comic strip is let’s talk about the individual boxes that make up the story. A panel is one of these individual boxes. It is typically rectangular and contains an image or illustration that contributes to the overall narrative of the comic.

Types of Panels

There are several types of panels used in comics to convey different aspects of the story:

  • Gutters: The space between two panels
  • Splash Panel: A full-page panel used to introduce or highlight an important moment in the story
  • Mood Panel: A panel used to set the tone or atmosphere for the scene
  • Action Panel: A panel depicting movement or action
  • Caption Panel: A panel with text describing events happening outside the artwork (not to be confused with speech bubbles)
  • Silhouette Panel: A darkened panel used for dramatic effect

The Importance of Panels in Comics

Panels are essential to comics as they help break down the story into manageable parts. They allow the artist to control pacing, and help the reader understand the sequence of events. Panels can also convey emotion, action, and mood, making them a critical element in storytelling.


In conclusion, a comic strip panel is an individual box that contains an image or illustration contributing to the overall narrative of the comic. Panels are an essential element of comics as they help break down the story into manageable parts, control pacing, and convey emotion. Knowing what a panel is and its different types can help you better appreciate and understand comics as an art form.